You Owe it to Yourself to Become Everything You've Ever Dreamed of Being

At uBalance Fitness, I am committed to helping you enjoy a BALANCED life.

Everyone's version of 'BALANCED' is unique and I want to help you find yours.  Being healthy and fit is empowering and prepares us mentally and physically for the obstacles life presents us.  My goal is to help you live the fit and healthy life that you deserve.

I offer one on one personal training in my fully equipped, private home fitness studio, personalized online training, nutrition coaching, online community support and more. 

During our initial consultation, we collaborate to design an exercise and nutrition plan that drives your goals and works with your lifestyle.  We build upon what you are already doing right and work together to build more positive habits that help you live your clean, BALANCED life.  


I lead by example and coach with encouragement.  My goal is to help you enjoy working on being the best version of you.  I will support you and teach you proper form and technique along the way.

uBalance Fitness' personal training programs are made specifically for you. 

Your Body, Your Life, Your Goals. 


One on One

Personal Training

One on one personal training sessions allow you to exercise in a private comfortable setting where you can focus on learning how to take care of your body without all the distractions of a public gym. One on one sessions are held in my fully equipped home fitness studio in Spruce Grove Alberta.


Our sessions are focus on your goals, your body and your lifestyle. After our initial consultation, I create an exercise and lifestyle plan that we complete both together and on your own time.

All fitness ages and fitness levels are welcome!  Whether your goals are basic functional fitness, weight loss or other performance goals, I am confident that we can reach them together.


My programs include a free personal consultation, one on one sessions, weekly check ins, nutrition coaching, the ability to contact me for questions, support etc., access to my exercise and nutrition mobile app-- take me with you anywhere!


Together we will implement positive lifestyle changes to support your goals and set you on a healthy path for life.  I am committed to helping you lead the healthy lifestyle you deserve.

Candace Desjardins
Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition Specialist
uBalance Fitness Inc.

At the age of 56, I realized that I needed more help than I could get from my regular fitness facility. I needed to get 20 years of desk work off my back and off my butt. I needed proper coaching, proper training, I needed UBalance Fitness. Candace has given me my life and my energy back. It's not just about seeing actual muscle on my body, it's about walking tall with proper posture from the core exercise we do, it's about feeling physically strong from the weightlifting, it's about proper nutrition through conversation and coaching and it's about feeling alive again from the changes she's helped me make inside and out.

One on one training at her facility is what I needed. Candace is creating the programs and changing the programs. She's adding the weights and removing the weights, she's watching every rep and every set, she's listening to every grunt and every breath. Candace is exactly who you need if you want to make changes to your health.

Thank you Candace, I couldn't have done it without you.

Kory Arrowsmith

PS. I'm not done yet!

What uBalance Fitness Clients Are Saying

Online Coaching  

Get active with professionally designed exercise programs to help you reach your goals safely and effectively.  Whether you are new to exercise or have some experience, plan to workout at home or at the gym, uBalance Fitness has a program to suit your needs.  

The great part about online coaching is its like having a personal trainer in your home or at the gym with you.  Open communication with you and your trainer for questions, feedback, request for exercise modifications etc is so important to your success.  Your coach provides accountability, progressive exercises, professional advice and more!  Online coaching is also a very cost effective way to get active and stay active!

Your customized, goal focused exercise plan comes with videos, descriptions of exercises, cues, set and rep ranges and extra notes from your trainer to take the guessing out of your workouts.  All online coaching programs come with access to your personalized nutrition log, expert nutrition advice and more.  This all accessible from a mobile app you can take with you anywhere.



I have been working with Candace since the beginning of September 2018. I see her once per month in person and the rest of the time I work out on my own at home, completing the workout plans that she has created for me (typically three) in addition to the walking/running I do during the week. These plans are in her app, which is so user-friendly!

I have tried other workout programs in the past, and I just did not achieve the results that I wanted to. Candace has helped me develop muscles and strength that I didn't know were possible, in just a few months!! She really takes your personal goals into consideration when developing your program and is readily available to support, motivate, and answer any questions that you might have. I feel quite challenged with the workouts she develops, but I also feel very successful when I realize that I am able to get through them. I not only see results when I look in the mirror, but I also feel them when completing day-to-day tasks - I feel strong, empowered, and confident!!

Set up an appointment with Candace today! You wont be sorry!
-Ashley Roberts


What uBalance Fitness Online Clients Are Saying



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