The 8 Factor Program Guaranteed to Help You Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle... And STICK TO IT!

My name is Candace Desjardins, I am a personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist in Spruce Grove AB.  In my teens and twenties I loved to workout and eat healthy!  I had the time to go to the gym, prep healthy meals and I also only kept healthy food in my fridge.  In my thirties as a busy mom, wife and business owner, getting to the gym, meal prep and choosing healthy foods is not always easy!  

A year after my son was born I found myself inactive, eating unhealthy food and my family, my career and  I were suffering because of it!  I was starting and quitting fitness and health programs over and over again and could not stick to anything.  I was.... too busy, too tired, too... you name it!

Over two years ago, I designed the uBalance Fitness system that truly helped me stay on track and finally adopt a healthy lifestyle forever.  I want to share this system with you! 

More than 50% of people who start a fitness and health program will drop out within the first 6 months.  There are 8 key factors in maintaining the motivation to adhere to healthy lifestyle, the guide I am going to share with you explains these factors to help you understand what you need to do to change now!

Here is what you will get within this guide:

  • Learn about the 2 different kinds of motivation and how to tap into them to get motivated and STAY motivated!

  • The 5 stages of change, where you are and what do you need to make change happen!

  • The 8 factors that are required to change your behaviour, implement new habits and stick to them!

  • How the uBalance Fitness system uses these 8 factors to help people like you and me finally achieve our goals!

Change your life today!

…..even if you have started 100+ fitness and health programs this year or have never taken the steps to be your healthiest self!

Candace Desjardins
Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition Specialist
uBalance Fitness Inc.

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