8 Week Online Coaching Program


This is an in depth 8 week online coaching program designed to:


1. Create healthy nutrition, fitness and lifestyle habits

2. Alleviate aches, pains and increase energy levels

3. Elliminate unealthy habits such as inactivity and unhealhy foods

4. Motivate you to be your best self and treat your body the way it deserves


  • Home or gym workouts designed by your personal coach and uploaded to your calendar
  • Customized for your body, your goals and your access to equipment
  • Videos and descriptions of exercises, rep and set recomendations are provided
  • Access to nutrition log, nutrition & exercise info posted weekly
  • Meal plan & recipes
  • All this is accessed through a mobile app that you can take with you anywhere
  • Facebook group to help keep you motivated
  • Quick acess to your fitness coach for questions or concerns with exercises, nutrition or any other help you may need
  • Regular contact from your fitness coach to gauge progress, answer questions, motivate and more!
  • Weekly phone or facetime!
  • All ages and fitness levels can be accomodated
  • Zero exercise experience required
  • Initial online consulation will be conducted to determine health history, current health and fitness status


This is the program you need to finally implement a health lifestyle you will stick to forever. You deserve to treat your mind and body well, I'm here to help you believe that!uBalance Customized Online Coaching will maximize your workout time and get results fast, safe and effectively!  Proper form, set/rep ranges and combinations of exercises are so important to your success, let me design the perfect program for your body, your goals and your fitness level.  Combined with expert nutrition coaching, you'll achieve your goals and build healthy life long habits along the way!


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