• Build Muscle at the Gym


    Many of us loved to go to the gym.... and love to post selfies at the gym.. but are really not sure what exercises to do, how many sets or reps to do to get the results we are looking for.  uBalance Fitness' Build Muscle at the Gym program is desigened to get you fast results so you can spend more time posting those selfies instead of planning your workouts.


    • New workouts designed by a personal trainer uploaded to your personal calendar each week designed to help you reach your fitness goals
    • Videos and descriptions of exercises, rep and set recomendations are provided
    • Access to nutrition log, nutrition & exercise info posted weekly
    • All this is accessed through a mobile app that you can take with you anywhere
    • All ages and fitness levels can be accomodated
    • Initial online consulation will be conducted to determine health history, current health and fitness status
    • You will be recommended to start with a novice, beginner, intermediate or advanced level and will progress through these levels as you complete prerequisite workouts
    • Required Equipment: Full gym access
    • Quick acess to your fitness coach for questions or concerns with exercises or any other help you may need
    • Your fitness coach will reach out to you weekly to gauge progress and help with anything you need

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