About Me

Mom - Wife - Daughter - Trainer - Business Owner

Hi! I'm Candace Desjardins, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Owner of uBalance Fitness Inc.

My day to day life looks something like out of a cartoon.  All in the same hour I can be replying to client messages, meal prepping, driving to preschool and posting to IG for my business or a multitude of other things.  I am busy, there is no other way to put it or change it.  It's what being a Mom in your 30's is about and I wouldn't change it for a second!

Throughout my busy days I strive to have healthy food available for myself and my family and that we all move and exercise throughout our day.  I take care of my body and my mind so I can be all the things my family needs me to be!..... and because I love the way it makes ME feel :)  I am not a fitness model or crossfit champion, I have stretch marks and dark circles under my eyes, but I love myself and my body and I take care of it everyday!

I fell in love with resistance training many years ago and wanted to make a career out of helping others find exercise and a healthy lifestyle that they enjoy like I do.. that may look different to each individual but we all need something to keep  active and health conscious.  Not just to look good!  But for so many reasons like, living a long fulfilled life, ageing well so we can play with our children & grandchildren, positive self image, well balanced mind & body, protecting our bodies from disease, the list is endless. 

I am often asked about my training style.  Training is customized to each individual but I always ensure each client achieves a level of functional fitness first and foremost then we work together to achieve their goals... whatever they may be!


Whatever is behind your reason to seek change, I want to help you find the motivation to start making healthy choices.  Not for 6 months, but for the rest of your life!

I truly love helping others improve their relationship with their body.  By expending energy through exercise and also fueling it with proper nutrition we are able to find a balance that resonates through all areas of our life.  If we respect what is on the inside, it will radiate on the outside.

I love helping people through this process.  If you are having a hard time getting started, sticking to a program or just need one on one guidance contact me today!

-Candace Desjardins

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